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Qserve® Group B.V. 

“The practical approach”

Qserve is a leading, ISO 9001:2008 registered, consulting company operating worldwide with offices in The Netherlands (Amsterdam, head office), USA (close to Boston) and Germany (close to Frankfurt). Their experienced consultants support the medical device industry and healthcare organizations with international regulatory compliance services, and manage medical device companies through the whole trajectory for (inter)national market approval. They focus on Life Sciences and high-risk, combination and borderline medical devices including biomaterials, (orthopedic and neuro-cardiovascular) implants, advanced woundcare, drug release systems and (imaging) software. Qserve is one of the largest consulting companies in this field.

For more information: www.qservegroup.com

Beta Gamma services

“Professionals in Irradiation Services”

Sterility is essential not only in medical diagnostics and medical devices, but also for in vitro diagnostics, laboratory equipment, products for biotechnology, pharmacy, research and many others.
Radiation sterilization destroys pathogenic microorganisms fast and reliably, using gamma or beta rays, which is environmentally friendly as the products are not exposed to toxic chemicals.
BGS operates 3 sites in Germany with 8 e-beam plants (electron accelerators) and a gamma plant and offers 30 years of experience in using high-energy-radiation.

All processes are certified for compliance with ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 11137.
BGS is the prefered irradiation provider for Micro-Serve

For more information: www.bgs.eu

Cleanroom innovation

Cleanroom Innovation is een platform van toonaangevende bedrijven die voorop lopen in het creëren van innovatieve oplossingen voor cleanrooms. Deze innovativiteit komt tot stand door het uitgebreide netwerk van nationale en internationale bedrijven, kennisinstituten en andere instanties achter deze bedrijven. Via Cleanroom Innovation hebben gebruikers en ontwerpers toegang tot het allernieuwste op het gebied van cleanroom design, cleanroom technology, cleanroom systems, cleanroom producten en cleanroom cleaning. Cleanroom Innovation richt zich in beperkte mate op standaarden en normen want de focus ligt op innovatie; nieuwe thema’s en oplossingen voor in de cleanrooms in de semiconductor industrie en de farmaceutische, biotech en medische sector. Voor elke cleanroom omgeving biedt Cleanroom Innovation kennis en toegang tot de nieuwste en beste oplossing die op de markt te krijgen is.

Voor meer informatie: www.cleanroominnovation.com