Micro-Serve is an independent microbiological laboratory, focussed on tests of Medical Devices in relation to sterilization validation. Flexible and cost-effective service, serving clients from all over the world.


Professional Quality Lab Services with a high level of knowledge of the applicable standards.

Passion for excellence

Quality excellence on microbiological validations and related microbiological services.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Providing exceptional value and incomparable service to our customers.

Micro-Serve microbiological laboratory has many years of experience in the field of (gamma-)sterilization and microbiological testing of Medical Devices.

We offer a high level of knowledge of the applicable standards like ISO 11137ISO 11737 and TIR 33. Our deep knowledge and process flexibility makes us your right partner concerning a validation protocol, perform laboratory tests and reporting all results.

The business concept of Micro-Serve laboratory is to supply a total range of microbiological tests, validations and related services. Our services are specifically for the CE-mark sterile medical devices, designed to specific client requirements and meet the respective ISO standards.


Sterilization validation study ISO 11137-2

Specialist in sterilization validations of medical devices according to ISO 11137. Micro-Serve laboratory offers complete sterilization validation.
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Sterilization validation studies

LAL endotoxin testing

Bacterial endotoxin test, also known as the Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) test, is a test to detect and quantify bacterial endotoxin.
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Bacterial endotoxin testing


Sterility testing ISO 111737-2

Sterility of medical devices is demonstrated by sterility testing or as part of a sterilization validation.
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Sterility testing

Microbiological environmental monitoring

Microbiological environmental monitoring is performed to detect changing trends of microbial counts in critical and environments such as cleanrooms.
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Microbiological environmental monitoring

Bioburden Testing ISO 11737

A bioburden test is performed to determine the number of viable organisms on medical devices and related products.
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Bioburden testing

Accelerated aging studies ASTM F1980-07

An accelerated aging test is a method to quickly determine the expiry or expiry date of a medical device.
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Accelerated aging testing